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Download xmeye 2.0.9 APK XMEye APK is video monitoring software for IPC and DVR. With cloud technology, easy log in by the device’s serial number to show the live view monitoring video to Android phone and do operation accordingly. You can simply login into the cloud where you can view in real-time preview. You also […]


Game Killer APK

Game Killer APK free download!!

Game Killer APK Description

Game Killer is a free Android app that lets you use cheats and modify aspects of your favorite video games.
It works by injecting code from the background while the game is running, letting you modify whatever values you want in the title in question.

Once the app is opened, it stays open on your device and is accessible from a semitransparent icon that you can place on any part of the screen.
You can access Game Killer whenever you want and select the game from the list of running services.

From the built-in search feature, find the number that corresponds to the parameter you want to change.
A good example is available lives.

Once you've determined the position of the parameter you want to change, all you have to do is enter a new value and make the modification.

Game Killer is a useful tool for gamers looking to use cheats while playing.
(Keep in mind, though, that there is sometimes a risk of being banned.).


Game Killer APK is published by 枫影(尹湘中) at 2016-01-27. The latest version is 2.70 and work on 1.5 and up. Rated 4.8/5 by 6.

VidMate – HD video downloader APK

VidMate – HD video downloader APK free download!!

VidMate – HD video downloader APK Description

Vidmate is one of the best known applications currently available for downloading videos and songs from online services like Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, Instagram, FunnyorDie, Sex Video, Vine, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Metacafe, and tons of other multimedia portals.
With this highly recommended app, you’ll get to download from practically any video site.

On most video websites this app lets you choose the quality you want to view and download videos in, including HD formatting and other lower quality settings options that take up much less space on your memory.
That way, all the videos you download will perfectly fit onto your virtual library, organized by download date.
In case you want to download music, all you’ll need to do is search for any available video among over twenty different platforms that are set by default, and the app will automatically save audio and video tracks.

Among the options for Vidmate, you’ll also get to add secondary video portals that don’t appear on its main interface.
There are over twenty different options available that you won’t need to use any other search engine to find, and you’ll get to store any clip you want.

Vidmate also includes access to downloading apps and games on Android right from within the app.
If you want to update them, you’ll need to go to other tools like Google Play or Uptodown to update all the apps and discover new options for Vidmate..


VidMate – HD video downloader APK is published by Vidmate Studio at 2017-05-24. The latest version is 3.14 and work on 2.2.x and up. Rated 4.6/5 by 147.

Mobdro APK

Mobdro APK free download!!

Mobdro APK Description

Mobdro is an app to stream movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports, and other content on your Android.
However, it works differently from most similar apps.
The reason is that with Mobdro, you don't choose what movie or episode you want to watch; instead, you choose a channel.

In a lot of apps for watching movies and series online, you can choose the exact episode or movie you want to watch at any time.
With Mobdro, it's not like that.
Instead, you have an enormous list of channels that show nonstop episodes or movies.

In addition to the TV show and movie channels, Mobdro also offers streaming of traditional TV channels as well as sporting events.
You can even access some rather strange streams, like live videos of animals or people playing video games.

Mobdro is an interesting alternative to the huge number of apps available for watching content online, mainly because of the margin of surprise it entails.
In the mood for a scary movie? All right, but you don't know which one until you start watching it.
It's almost like flipping though the channels on a normal TV!.


Mobdro APK is published by Mobdro at 2017-04-24. The latest version is 2.0.38 Freemium and work on 4.1, 4.1.1 and up. Rated 4.6/5 by 25.